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Get our books and educational resources to understand issues such as prevention of child sexual abuse, surviving court, and more. Online copies are free to download. Donations and bulk purchases of hard copies are welcome.

Yusri and His Secret, 2020

Available for download in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil

Child sexual abuse (CSA) can happen to anyone. Boys who are abused are just as badly affected. Abusers are often known and trusted by victims. Do read this free digital story with your child to learn about CSA and the steps you can take to seek help.

Read the book online in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil

Lisa and Her Secret, 2020

Available for download in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil

Child sexual abuse perpetrated by a family member or someone your child knows is more common than you think. Read this illustrated story with your child to learn about sexual abuse and what they can do to seek help.

Read the book online in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil

Bijak itu Selamat: An Educational Package on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, 2019

This package enables teachers, school counsellors, and educators to teach children about child sexual abuse.

Developed by WCC, this package is suitable for children aged between 10 and 12 and consists of:

  1. Manual Pencegahan Penderaan Seksual Kanak-Kanak: Mengajar Kanak-Kanak Langkah Keselamatan (Available in Malay & English)
  2. A pen drive and user’s guide on the Personal Safety program OK Tak OK, Siri 3 (Available in Malay, English, Mandarin & Tamil)
  3. A storybook: Nina dan Rahsianya (Available in Malay, English, Mandarin & Tamil)
  4. A pictorial booklet: Saya dan Suara Kecil Saya (Available in Malay & Mandarin)
  5. A pictorial booklet: Saya dan Suara Kecil Saya (Available in Malay & Mandarin)

Price: RM 48 (Including courier charges)

Manual Pencegahan Penderaan Seksual Kanak-Kanak: Mengajar Kanak-Kanak Langkah Keselamatan, 2019, pp. 84

Available in MalayEnglish and Mandarin

This book is designed for those involved in educating children; especially teachers, child counsellors, and anyone who wishes to understand and teach children about personal safety with regard to child sexual abuse. This easy-to-read and practical manual is filled with many illustrations. The book is a part of the education package “Bijak itu Selamat” (refer above).

Price: RM 15 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD10 (including postage) 

National Consultation on “The Rights of the Vulnerable Witnesses in Court”, 2017, pp.76

This is the proceedings as a result of a national consultation held in 2015 on how to further the rights of vulnerable victims in court. The papers presented and the recommendations for an improved victim support system in Malaysia are documented.

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Price: RM 15 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD20 (including postage)

Nina dan Rahsianya, 2014, pp. 32

Available in English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

This illustrated book is for five to nine-year-olds to be read on their own, or with parents/caregivers/educators. It explains what personal safety is, to prevent child sexual abuse. The book tells the story of Nina who has a secret which makes her very unhappy. With help from her friend, Nina finds the courage to tell her parents.

Price: RM 13 (including postage)

Surviving Court : A Guide to Understanding the Criminal Court Process, 2019, pp.36

Available in EnglishMalayMandarin

This guidebook helps victims better understand the court process when they go to court to seek justice. Many victims are fearful when they have to attend court and give evidence. This user-friendly guidebook with illustrations will help victims and witnesses prepare for their court trial.

Price: RM 15 (including postage) 
Price OverseasUSD10 (including postage)
(Please add USD6 for every overseas cheque)

Hear Our Stories: The Moment The Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, 2014, pp.74

Available in EnglishMandarin

A collection of 13 narratives written by women who have sought help from WCC or PPW. They write about their experiences and articulations of their suppressed pains, silences, dreams and desires. It was originally written in Mandarin but was also translated into English. 

Price: RM 25 (including postage) 
Price OverseasUSD30 (including postage)
(Please add USD6 for every overseas cheque)

Seeking Justice for Victims of Sexual Crime, 2009, pp.145

This book is a documentation on how our criminal justice system treats victims of sexual crime. It raises fundamental questions about gender and justice, and includes recommendations for improvements.

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Price: RM 15 (including postage) 
Overseas price: USD20 (including postage)

Respect Respek: Discussing Relationship Issues with Young People (with CD), 2009, pp.121

This is an easy-to-use handbook for anyone wanting to run programs for small groups. It is targeted at teenagers and young adults, but is useful for all ages e.g. modules and activities help build negotiation skills, dispel misconceptions about the opposite sex and raise levels of gender awareness. It is for anyone working with young people towards healthier relationships.

Click to download Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Price: RM25 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD20 (including postage) 

Mengurus Wang Anda, 2009, pp.98

This simple handbook is designed for women, especially single mothers to learn the importance of budgeting and saving. There are step-by-step guides on managing finances, and how to start and plan saving with children. It includes a monthly budget template to record daily expenses.

Price: RM15 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD10 (including postage)

Muslim Women and Access to Justice, 2004, pp.110

This book is a collection of writings from a research project called MUSWAL (Muslim Women and Law). It covers the historical, legal, and socio-cultural aspects of Muslim women’s status in Malaysia. The research examined the development of Syariah laws in the country, analysed the substantive aspects of the law in relation to women’s rights, looked at how actual legal cases brought about by women were handled in several Syariah Courts, and observed the process of Islamic counselling women had to undergo when they sought redress through the courts.

Price: RM15 (including postage)
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Mengubah Arus Maklumbalas, 2003, pp.168

Manual ini bertujuan mempermudahkan proses latihan dalam agensi/organisasi ataupun latihan peribadi serta boleh dijadikan sokongan semasa memberi perkhidmatan kepada wanita yang dianiayai. Ia ditujukan kepada agensi-agensi yang memberi khidmat kepada mangsa wanita agar dapat memberi keyakinan kepada mangsa dan membantu mangsa mencari jalan penyelesaian.

Harga: RM 15 (termasuk harga setem) 
Harga di luar negara: USD10 (termasuk harga setem)

Working with Rape Survivors, 2001, pp.119

Available in English and Malay

A handbook of basic principles and guidelines for working with women in crisis following rape. It is useful for professionals and groups working directly with rape victims as well as those interested in setting up a new rape crisis service. While its focus is on women who have been raped, it is also relevant to those who work with child and male victims of rape and victims of other types of sexual assault.

Price: RM 15 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD10 (including postage)

Becoming Whole: A Handbook for Working with Abused Women, 2000, pp.130

This handbook contains basic principles and guidelines for professionals working with abused women. It also contains useful information for readers to understand violence against women and for those interested in setting up a new crisis service. It draws from the experiences of 18 women’s organisation, crisis centres, and crisis services in seven Asian countries to eliminate root causes of violence against women in our societies.

Price: RM 15 (including postage)
Overseas price: USD10 (including postage) 

Malaysian Women and the Law, 1999, pp.89

Publisher: National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO), Penang Branch. Editor: Prema E Devaraj

Available only in Tamil

This booklet provides information on the legal rights of women in Malaysia, the main laws and procedures which discriminate against them and the difficulties faced by women in the Syariah Court system. It also includes proposed amendments to the existing discriminatory laws and procedures. In addition, the booklet has a summary of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, to which Malaysia is a signatory. Hence, the Malaysian government is legally bound to put the provisions of this convention into practice.

Price: RM 15 (including postage)