Volunteer & Intern With WCC

Volunteer or intern with us. Help us with your time and skills at WCC Penang Island,  WCC Seberang or at the WCC Value Shop. 

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer, you get to help in many ways. You could help in terms of offering counselling,  conducting talks, doing research, working at administrative tasks (cutting newspaper articles, filing, keying in information and more). You may also volunteer at the WCC Value Shops.

As a volunteer, what you help us with depends on your  interests, skills and time availability. When you apply, we will match you to our current needs.

To apply as a volunteer, download and fill up the volunteer form. Email it back to us at wcc@wccpenang.org

Internship Opportunities

As an intern, you will be working on issues of violence against women and children, and gender equality.

Our internship program is open to local and overseas students in colleges and universities. Whether you wish to intern as part of your training hours or to fill up  credit hours, we will get you engaged in a variety of interesting work as much as possible. 

You won’t be stuck doing only one thing; in fact, as our intern, you will experience a diversity of tasks.

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You could be helping our advocacy team in court, researching legal matters, assisting in workshops and talks when we go to educate schools and communities, observing our counsellors in action, or creating Powerpoint presentations for our team.

You will need to intern for a minimum of  1 month and you are responsible for your own living and transportation costs if you are successful in your your application. 

If you are keen to intern, please email us your CV, areas of interest and duration of internship at: wcc@wccpenang.org