• Coping Together as a Family
    Mina and Johan were leading a happy life together with their 8-year old son. Suddenly, out of the blue, Johan started to behave differently. He would go to bed late at night and play computer games immediately after returning home from work. He would also inexplicably lash out at his wife and son when they tried to talk to him. Mina was badly affected by her husband’s behaviour. She was also concerned about the impact of his behaviour on their son. She came to WCC to seek help. WCC’s social worker provided counselling to Mina and her son. The social […]
  • Raped and a single mother at 16
    Lily knew Joe from a long time ago through one of her friends. Lily was 16, studying in Form 4. Joe was 23 and unemployed. They became good friends. One day, Joe invited Lily to a hotel. Curious about the purpose of the invitation, Lily followed him. “At first, I was confused about why he suddenly invited me to a hotel. But I trusted him and decided to follow him.” Once they reached the hotel room, Joe pushed her into the room and forced himself on her. She tried to run away from him but he managed to drag her […]
  • Leaving Fear Behind
    Laila and her husband Ken were expecting their second child when they opened their house up to Eddie, Ken’s work colleague. Laila and Ken did not have to think twice about welcoming him to their home as they regarded him as their own brother. On the surface, Eddie was the perfect house guest – he contributed to household groceries and was a loving “uncle” to their 3-year-old child. After three months, Eddie announced that he would be leaving both his job and Laila and Ken’s house. A month after Eddie moved out, he appeared at Laila’s front door while Ken […]
  • Drug-fuelled violence in the home
    Nurul was a mother of 4 children who enjoyed the first 10 years of her marriage. She had a responsible husband who was a loving father to their children. In their 11th year of marriage, everything changed. Her husband started behaving strangely and became violent. She didn’t understand what was going on until the day she found a packet of drugs in their room. Despite Nurul knowing that her husband’s siblings were drug addicts and that her father in-law drank ‘ketum’, she never expected that her husband would succumb to drugs. That one year felt like hell to Nurul. Her […]
  • Betraying A Child’s Trust
    Kim is 8 years old and like many other children her age, she is a lively and cheerful girl. One day, when her mother returned home from a short trip, Kim disclosed the ordeal she had been facing for nearly three years during her private art lessons. Kim had been attending art tuition with Mr. Lim who was a private tutor. The tuition would take place in Mr. Lim’s home. The first encounter occurred when Kim was 5 years old. It happened in Mr. Lim’s bathroom. He had followed her when she went to the bathroom. He suggested that they […]
  • Feeling Safe at Home Again
    Saras was a widowed mother of three adult sons. She was living alone until her middle son, Raj, moved back home with his girlfriend. From the moment Raj moved in, he and his girlfriend harassed and emotionally threatened his mother. They would say hurtful things like “why isn’t this old woman dead yet?”, break household items, and make subtle threats to damage Saras’ home. They cut Saras’ Astro wires to prevent her from watching television. Saras became anxious and feared that they would harm her. She made several police reports but no action was taken, on the excuse that she […]
  • The Online Friend Who Wasn’t
    In 2017, I befriended a man through WeChat. I was studying and living in a rented room away from my parents who lived in another town. He started off easygoing and humble but after a few months, his real colours showed. He began to use vulgar words and acting strangely. I decided to block him from contacting me. I thought that was the end of the problem. When my phone died on me, I decided to get a new phone. My WeChat account went haywire and he managed to contact me again! He insisted that we dated and threatened that […]
  • The Uncle Monster
    I was in the living room playing with my brother when Uncle came over one day. He sat down and called me over, asking me to sit on his lap. He said he was tired and could I sing to him. As we sang, his hand started moving up my thighs and under my skirt. He continued upwards as he told me to keep singing. Uncle was Ayah’s friend from work and he was even older than Ayah. He would drop my sister and me at school and pick us up after. He would always ask us about what we […]
  • She Wanted To See Her Perpetrator
    Aini, a four-year-old, was the youngest client referred to me under Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) cases as a WCC social worker. She had agreed to testify in court using video. I praised her for her courage because the accused is her biological father who had raped her. It wasn’t easy for her to describe what happened but she bravely testified after a few moments of silence. Even as a four-year-old, the incident had been deeply imprinted in her mind. When I met Aini for the first time, she was reserved and scared of strangers. She soon came to trust me […]
  • The Man And The Monster
    “When my neighbours see me in the morning, they know what happened to me again the night before,” Patty told our WCC Seberang Perai social worker. She was introduced to Tom who owned an electronics repair shop and she thought this was going to be the end of her difficult life. She had grown up without a mother and her father often fell sick and never could hold a job for long. Patty herself dropped out of school to work and support her family but she never seemed to get anywhere with her jobs. She would either work as a […]
  • Molested By Her Lawyer
    I met Mr Z  when he agreed to take on my case. He said we could meet at his lawyer’s firm during lunch hour to discuss my case. His office was empty as his staff had all left for lunch. As I sat down in his office, he came from behind and grabbed me. He started kissing my neck, groping my breasts and bottom and even attempted to slip his hands inside my clothes! I was too paralyzed with fear to shout or scream. He even had the gall to say that he wanted some ‘incentive’ to help me win […]
  • Raped By Her Own Father
    The rape came to light in December 2017. Sally was 14 years old then. Her mother, a factory operator on shift work, returned from work one morning and felt uneasy. Feeling suspicious, she decided to screen through her husband’s mobile phone. She was shocked when she saw Sally’s picture – she was half-naked and sitting on a man’s lap with his genitals exposed. Sally’s mother immediately knew the man was her husband although she couldn’t see the man’s face. She quickly made Sally urinate into a plastic container. She also rushed out to get a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy. […]