Directory of Contacts

Get connected to various homes, support services, legal services, NGOs and Government organizations in Penang and across Malaysia. If any of the information needs updating, do let us know and we will update the directory accordingly.


  1. Counselling & Support Services In Malaysia
  2. Children’s Homes In Penang
  3. Old Folks’ Home In Penang
  4. Childcare Centres In Malaysia
  5. Therapy Services (Private)
  6. Homes for People Living with Mental Health Disorders

Non-Government Organisations

  1. Women NGOs In Penang
  2. Women NGOs Outside Penang
  3. NGOs In Penang
  4. NGOs Outside Penang
  5. NGOs For Disabled Services In Penang

Legal Services

  1. Legal Aid Centre (LAC) in Malaysia
  2. Jabatan Bantuan Guaman, Malaysia
  3. Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Malaysia
  4. Penang District Police Headquarters (IPD)
  5. Syariah Judiciary Department in Penang

Government Organisations

  1. Hospitals in Malaysia
  2. Welfare Department In Penang
  3. Registration Department in Penang
  4. Religious Department in Penang
  5. Education Department In Penang
  6. Pusat Jagaan Pesakit Psikatrik
  7. Pusat urus Zakat