Coping Together as a Family

Mina and Johan were leading a happy life together with their 8-year old son. Suddenly, out of the blue, Johan started to behave differently. He would go to bed late at night and play computer games immediately after returning home from work. He would also inexplicably lash out at his wife and son when they tried to talk to him.

Mina was badly affected by her husband’s behaviour. She was also concerned about the impact of his behaviour on their son. She came to WCC to seek help.

WCC’s social worker provided counselling to Mina and her son. The social worker also taught Mina and her son controlled breathing techniques to help them cope with their stressful emotions.

Mina’s son felt anxious about his parents’ arguments. Somehow, he believed that it was his fault. WCC’s social worker assured him that what was happening was not his fault. She also helped him to identify safe spaces in his home whenever his mother experienced an emotional breakdown, and to learn how to comfort her in his own way. This helped the child to feel safer and better equipped to handle the situation. In turn, Mina learnt to regulate her own emotions better when she noticed her son being supportive of her.

Mina’s husband, Johan, was advised to seek counselling for his behaviour. Thankfully, he was willing to do so. After undergoing counselling, Johan came to realise that his behaviour was hurting his family. He apologised to his wife and son, seeking their forgiveness. Their relationships have greatly improved. They now communicate more openly and positively as a family.

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