Feeling Safe at Home Again

Saras was a widowed mother of three adult sons. She was living alone until her middle son, Raj, moved back home with his girlfriend.

From the moment Raj moved in, he and his girlfriend harassed and emotionally threatened his mother. They would say hurtful things like “why isn’t this old woman dead yet?”, break household items, and make subtle threats to damage Saras’ home. They cut Saras’ Astro wires to prevent her from watching television. Saras became anxious and feared that they would harm her. She made several police reports but no action was taken, on the excuse that she did not sustain any physical injuries. Saras was desperate to stop the mental torture so she moved from one relative’s home to another. This resulted in great exhaustion and frustration.

Saras came to WCC for help. WCC’s social worker spoke to Saras as well as her eldest son, Suresh, to see what could be done. The social worker worked with Saras and Suresh to draft and lodge a comprehensive police report on the abuse she experienced by Raj and his girlfriend.

The social worker also briefed the police investigating officer on the multiple reports that Saras had previously lodged. This alerted the police to the earlier incidents of violence as well. Reviewing the reports, the police decided to take action against Raj and he was eventually charged in court.

Meanwhile, with the support from WCC, Saras was granted a protection order by the magistrate. Raj and his girlfriend moved out of the home, and Saras changed the house locks.

Saras has managed to move on with her life, and now spends more time at Suresh’s home, where she also enjoys time with her grandchildren.

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