Drug-fuelled violence in the home

Nurul was a mother of 4 children who enjoyed the first 10 years of her marriage. She had a responsible husband who was a loving father to their children. In their 11th year of marriage, everything changed. Her husband started behaving strangely and became violent. She didn’t understand what was going on until the day she found a packet of drugs in their room. Despite Nurul knowing that her husband’s siblings were drug addicts and that her father in-law drank ‘ketum’, she never expected that her husband would succumb to drugs.

That one year felt like hell to Nurul. Her husband would beat her almost 2 to 3 times a week. One morning, over a minor matter, her husband pulled her into the middle of the paddy field. He started to beat, slap, kick and punch her body and face until it was swollen and bluish. After using her as an object to release his anger, her husband tried to undress her . Nurul managed to escape and brought her 4 children to her aunt’s house. Her aunt then brought her to WCC for help.

WCC social worker held several counselling sessions with Nurul. She wanted to get out of her current life. She could not stand her violent husband anymore. As her husband was already arrested by the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (National Anti Drug Agency) for rehabilitation purposes, Nurul was able to return home to her children. WCC’s social worker helped Nurul plan for a new life for herself and her 4 children.

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