Betraying A Child’s Trust

Kim is 8 years old and like many other children her age, she is a lively and cheerful girl. One day, when her mother returned home from a short trip, Kim disclosed the ordeal she had been facing for nearly three years during her private art lessons.

Kim had been attending art tuition with Mr. Lim who was a private tutor. The tuition would take place in Mr. Lim’s home.

The first encounter occurred when Kim was 5 years old. It happened in Mr. Lim’s bathroom. He had followed her when she went to the bathroom. He suggested that they play a “game” and subsequently removed her panties. He touched her private parts and asked if she enjoyed the feeling of being touched. Kim replied “No!” and he assured her that very soon she would learn to enjoy it.

The molestation continued throughout their lessons together. Mr Lim exposed Kim to pornography. He even suggested that they have sex but Kim rejected him saying that her parents might find out about it.

Mr Lim constantly told Kim not to reveal anything to anyone, especially her parents and her sister. Eventually, Kim stopped attending lessons with Mr. Lim.

Upon learning what had happened, Kim’s mother, Mrs. Fong, was shocked and devastated. She was adamant about reporting the matter to the authorities and wanted to seek justice for Kim. A friend of hers referred her to WCC.

WCC’s social worker explored the case and explained to her that what Mr Lim did was a serious criminal act. She filed a police report against Mr. Lim. Mrs Fong was relieved to know that WCC would support Kim and the family all the way through the criminal justice process.

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