Raped By Her Own Father

The rape came to light in December 2017.

Sally was 14 years old then. Her mother, a factory operator on shift work, returned from work one morning and felt uneasy. Feeling suspicious, she decided to screen through her husband’s mobile phone. She was shocked when she saw Sally’s picture – she was half-naked and sitting on a man’s lap with his genitals exposed.

Sally’s mother immediately knew the man was her husband although she couldn’t see the man’s face. She quickly made Sally urinate into a plastic container. She also rushed out to get a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy. Much to her grief, her intuition was correct – the urine test was positive indicating that Sally was pregnant! Sally revealed that her father had been raping her for the past 2 years. Sally’s mother took her to report the rape at the nearest police station.

Before the rape, Sally was a cheerful girl.

Sally’s rapist was her own biological father who started sexually abusing her when her mother was at work and things soon led to rape.

When rape happened, Sally started to isolate herself and refused to attend school. She claimed that she had to take care of her younger sister but it was later revealed that her father told her to stop schooling.

The police wasted no time in remanding Sally’s father. Sally was also brought to the OSCC (One Stop Crisis Centre) at a government hospital for a medical examination. Our WCC social worker also visited Sally when she was in the OSCC, counselling and supporting her emotionally. Our social worker also helped her follow up with the relevant agencies until eventually her father was charged for rape.

We visited Sally to explain the court process to her and helped her overcome her fear of appearing in court. On the day of the trial, our social worker and advocacy officer accompanied her and her mother to court.

Eventually, Sally’s rapist was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in jail and 10 strokes of the cane.